5 Ways to De-Stress “On the Go”

Stress is everywhere, literally, whether it’s a shitty drive to work that upset you and made you late, a shitty co-worker who you just got into an altercation with, a deadline that’s staring you in the face, family drama blowing up your phone, you name it. Wherever our day takes place, stress tends to follow… Continue reading 5 Ways to De-Stress “On the Go”


Keeping Motivated (When Something Sh*tty Happens)

Hello readers, life of Liv here (or is it Gossip Girl?.....hah!) and today we're going to be talking about 5 ways to stay motivated in life...when something shitty happens to you...It's unfortunate but like we've discussed before, sh*t happens in life and a lot of the times they're really sh*tty things that happen. Take it… Continue reading Keeping Motivated (When Something Sh*tty Happens)


My Photography Tips for Instagram!

I think one of my biggest and most proud accomplishment's I've made in my life, hands down has to be graduating from College. For those of you who don't know, I took a 2 year diploma course in the Creative Photography field. Not only did I spend the most amount of money that I've ever… Continue reading My Photography Tips for Instagram!