5 Ways to De-Stress “On the Go”

Stress is everywhere, literally, whether it’s a shitty drive to work that upset you and made you late, a shitty co-worker who you just got into an altercation with, a deadline that’s staring you in the face, family drama blowing up your phone, you name it. Wherever our day takes place, stress tends to follow… Continue reading 5 Ways to De-Stress “On the Go”


27 Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years!

You WILL learn to love nap / bed time... As children we are stupid for wanting to stay up all night and not sleep or nap during the day because when we become adults and our days are SO busy that we don't get a chance to just take an hour nap, we get cranky.… Continue reading 27 Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years!


Keeping Motivated (When Something Sh*tty Happens)

Hello readers, life of Liv here (or is it Gossip Girl?.....hah!) and today we're going to be talking about 5 ways to stay motivated in life...when something shitty happens to you...It's unfortunate but like we've discussed before, sh*t happens in life and a lot of the times they're really sh*tty things that happen. Take it… Continue reading Keeping Motivated (When Something Sh*tty Happens)