What’s (usually) In My Carry-On?!

Traveling around the world? Across the country? Or maybe just up North for the weekend? Regardless of where I'm going, I'm the girl who has 3/4 makeup bags full of accessories and Knick knacks just in case! I don't necessarily keep only makeup in those girly zip up cases that I buy! I'm not a… Continue reading What’s (usually) In My Carry-On?!


Humboldt Strong

Today, I’m blogging with a heavy heart. It’s “Jersey Day” here in Canada, and we’re wearing our jersey’s or our yellow and green in honour of the tragic events that happened in our Nation this past weekend. I’ve had a heavy heart for the last 5 days, as a fellow Canadian. Somebody asked me once what it meant to be Canadian and I remember hesitating to answer because I needed to find the right words. What was I hesitating for? I am Canadian, and to me that mean’s strength, in numbers…36,953,765 people, to be exact. To be Canadian it means to come together, as one, even with the millions of Canadian’s


So, this is me!

Well… I’m not sure if I need to say “hi I’m Liv” or if I’m supposed to have you all guess… Mind you, I’ve never done anything “by the books” in my life, so, HI GUYS! My name is Liv, and if you’re reading this then you’re about to learn a little more about me.
Born and raised in Ontario, Canada into a huge and loud Italian family, so you can