5 Ways to De-Stress “On the Go”

Stress is everywhere, literally, whether it’s a shitty drive to work that upset you and made you late, a shitty co-worker who you just got into an altercation with, a deadline that’s staring you in the face, family drama blowing up your phone, you name it. Wherever our day takes place, stress tends to follow… Continue reading 5 Ways to De-Stress “On the Go”


Beauty habits you want to break!

Hey girl hey! It's been a while, I know, don't come for me because I'm BACK with some beauty habit's that we all need to break!! These are such big changes that seem so small but that we all do and don't ever think twice about it! These are tips I've learned along my way… Continue reading Beauty habits you want to break!


Makeup Review: L’Oreal “Infallible” collection.

YOU GUYS! I'm back today with another makeup review!! Today we're talking about the L'Oréal Paris "Infallible Pro-Matte" foundation, setting spray and the "matte-lock" primer.  I have heard SO many mixed reviews on this new foundation and "line" that L'Oréal has released. IT was released back in the summer but I only started using it… Continue reading Makeup Review: L’Oreal “Infallible” collection.