Affordable Summer Date Idea’s

LIV_5501After being with someone for 10 years, date nights become few and far between, and not because we don’t want to, but mainly because you get so comfortable with that person that you don’t feel the need to go out of your way to put in that “first date feeling” effort. Speaking from experience, my boyfriend and I have made so sure that we take time for ourselves and each other throughout the week. As some of you may know, my boyfriend suffered a really traumatic brain injury 2 years ago, and since then I have devoted most of my spare time helping him get back to normal. Well…his “new” normal. In those 2 years we have spent a lot of time together and I try so hard to make every night “date night”. We don’t necessarily have the budget to go out to a fancy dinner every time we want to have time to ourselves, so we’ve had to get creative in a  lot of ways. I won’t lie, from time to time I have become a victim of needing to have the perfect date night plan and trying to make everything go as planned but the truth is, 9 times out of 10, my boyfriend doesn’t care about perfection. He just wants to spend time together.

This list are all of the idea’s we came up with and try to do twice a week to keep things fun but also to keep our interest in each other peaked. Summer is one of the best times of year to be outdoors when the heat isn’t about to make you combust. And people! don’t forget, sometimes it’s good to have an unplugged night and leave the electronics out of the date.


Taking Walks…Anywhere:

I am not a nature girl, and quite frankly I’m never up for a hike through the forest (I don’t like bugs and things that go buzz) but I am always up for a walk around the block, or to the park. I actually find so much peace in taking walks. Why not make it a “family event”. Take your significant other, maybe even the dog depending on the heat, and take a walk to the park. It’s great exercise, it’s FREE and you can do it in your cute yoga clothes! If you live in or close to down town Galt (Cambridge, ON) you can take a nice walk by the river, go check out the new pedestrian bridge, or look at all the cool shops on Main St. Galt is definitely under appreciated these days!

Go Antiquing/Garage Sale-ing:

I love going to antique stores and looking at garage sales! Even if it means driving an hour out of town, i’ll want to go! I love looking at all of the cool things and I get so wrapped into the idea of what their story was before it ended up in the antique shop! I’ve found my fair share of amazing novelty finds while antiquing or garage sale hunting. I think the idea of owning a part of history with an old original record of your favourite band, or a piece of furniture from the 1900’s, is so cool! I personally hunt down antique tea pots and tea cups. I have a thing for mugs and tea cups…I don’t know why – I’m weird.

Tuesday Night Movie Date:

everyone knows that the best time to go to the movie’s is to go on a Tuesday night. It’s cheap night! That means you can save 15% AND watch the movie you’ve been dying to see without feeling guilty about spending a fortune. It’s crazy to see how expensive movie’s have gotten these past few years, but with the discount day, you really can’t go wrong. I love going to the movie’s with my boyfriend and then laughing about out favourite parts afterwards.

Stay Indoors & Snuggle (or do other stuff):

My boyfriend and I are huge snuggle bugs! Seriously though, we like to end our evening’s after a really stupid day at work by crawling into bed and just laying there together. Sometimes we watch our favourite Youtuber and laugh together, or we just chat. Pillow talk is SO underrated these days! The winter is my favourite time to get snuggling. Especially when the Christmas decor is up! There’s nothing better than sitting by the tree  all lit  up, with hot chocolate, tea or a coffee and just cuddling with a great movie! Even if snuggling turns into something else, it’s still something you two get to share together! I totally understand that people assume Millennial’s spend “too much time indoors” and while that might be true for EVERYONE, not just ONE generation, sometimes it’s okay to have that down time, especially after working all day. It’s exhausting being an adult…LOL

Play Board Games:

Not only are they fun, but board games build skills at the same time, especially if you’re like my boyfriend who LOVES to play Scrabble. Board games are the OG family game night game. How can someone not love playing a board game here and there. Light some candles, grab your favourite bag of chips, and get those giggles in! Board games are the way to go on a rainy night in. The weather isn’t always on our side and we can’t spend every waking moment outside.

Cook Dinner for Just You Two:

Chivalry is NOT dead and I don’t care what anyone says about it. This idea is such a treat for you and your S/o. Go out of your way. Cook your significant other’s favourite meal and turn that sexy on.  This can be the prelude to your fun board game night. Light some candles, put on some of your favourite music, set the table all nice and prep an amazing meal! Maybe even put on that favourite dress they love to see you wear. Who says date nights HAVE to be out in public at a busy and loud restaurant?

Visit Your Local Gardens/Green Houses & Farms:

Not only is this a treat for your peepers with all the lovely greenery and colours, but it makes for a lovely treat for your nose as well! I love looking at flowers and forestry (even though I’m allergic to all the pretties) there’s just something soothing about walking through a lavender farm, a nursery green house, or something as simple as a popular apple orchard.


Don’t stress over date night. Make it fun and relaxing.  Not everything has to be perfect.

Thanks for reading



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