Keeping Motivated (When Something Sh*tty Happens)

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Hello readers, life of Liv here (or is it Gossip Girl?…..hah!) and today we’re going to be talking about 5 ways to stay motivated in life…when something shitty happens to you…It’s unfortunate but like we’ve discussed before, sh*t happens in life and a lot of the times they’re really sh*tty things that happen. Take it from someone who knows. You know how everyone has their “worst year”? like out of all of your years of life, theres one year that you will NEVER forget and it will always be the year that f***ed you over…Mine was 2016…4 deaths, and a traumatic accident later, it still hasn’t stopped! Granted, 2017 and 2018 have been amazing compared to 2016, but it took a lot of time and the following steps to get me out of the hole that 2016 put me in. This blog post is a true living post of advice taken from someone who experienced every step below. We need a reason to go on when something tragic or hard to cope with, happens. These steps are real and they truly can help you…they definitely helped me.

1) In the end of it all, after high school, after college and sometimes in your mid twenties, you’ll understand WHY you may only have 6 friends. Surround yourself with people who build you up, support you and are GOOD for you.  Those 6 friends are going to be the ones who save you. They will be the ones who slap you back into reality, with or without tough love. They will be the only people who are going to be honest with you and tell it to you straight. They will be the ones who will cry WITH you and listen to you tell them how scared you were. Do not close yourself off. Let. Them. In.

2) Take care of yourself and make sure you put yourself first as well as worrying about someone else. You know how on flights, they tell you IN CASE OF EMERGENCY make sure your oxygen mask is on BEFORE you help someone else with theirs. Apply that to your life. You need to do YOU and fix YOU before you can help someone else fix them. It’s 10000% harder to help someone not break down and fall apart when you’re breaking down and falling apart. Which leads us into our next step…


3) You need to escape and walk away from things. You need to possibly lock yourself in a closet and cry but you need to take the time to think about what happened, take it in and deal with it.Take time and regroup for yourself. Sit down with a great book or a tear jerking movie and just regroup your thoughts and your emotions and don’t forget that it is healthy to cry.

4) Do not dwell on what happened because it will drive you crazier than you are already feeling having to go through what happened. Dwelling on it and re-playing it will not help you get through it. It’s not something you asked for but I believe everything happens for a reason and it’s happened. That’s that. It’s done and happened. Dwelling will not change it back.

5) Find a hobby or a creative outlet. It might sound silly but Instagram and WordPress was mine. I needed something creative to keep my mind off of what happened and I’m so happy I found the outlet to blogging. It’s opened up so many doors to new friendships and partnerships. It doesn’t HAVE to be a social outlet but find something to keep your mind stimulated and happy. Happiness is the key to health and success (don’t quote me on that but it’s something that I truly believe)

It was a shorter post today, but as always, thank you for reading, leave me some love and keep motivated everyone! Don’t let life get you down!




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