Life Change’s & Not Giving a Fu*k

Hey girl hey! Yep! you read the title exactly right…Today’s blog post is all about not giving a fu*k because it is a VERY important lesson that I’ve had to let myself learn in my life. I know that some of you are going to read this and think “wow she’s kind of a bitch” which isn’t fair to think without reading the post and understanding what I mean by “not giving a fu*k”. Life is hard and life is great. We all go through so many different trials and tribulations and a lot of the times those events will change you and the people around you won’t always love the changes you’ve made to yourself or your life. Change is inevitable, and it comes in all walks of life and it’s hard for ourselves to deal with some of these changes and that can suck more than the change itself. Denial is not fun. and we all feel it from time to time. There are so many things in our life that we cannot control, including change, but we can control how we react and handle these changes. We have to accept change because it’s something that we can’t control and when something is given or handed to you that is out of your control, why bother fighting against it when you can accept it and move on.

I’ve called this my art of “not giving a fu*k” because it truly is just that… And not giving a fu*k has changed my life for the better and that is strictly because when you spend time on thinking about all of the negative changes that have happened to you in the last, who knows how long, the less time you are spending enjoying everything else around you.


Did You Wake Up This Morning?
Then you’re already one step ahead of yourself because a day that you wake up, alive, even after a crappy life altering event, is another day you get to try again. Our days are numbered people, we all know that, especially after everything we see going on in the news out there in the “human race”, so why spend a perfectly good day worrying about something that has already happened, that you probably couldn’t control the outcome of, when you can spend the new day fixing what might need to be fixed or focusing on bettering you from whatever has shooketh your world.

It Is Unnecessary to Worry About What Other’s Think of You:
It sucks, but with life altering events and inevitable changes like losing someone close to you, something medical, or even a really bad break-up, we change. Our personalities might change, our attitudes, and even our outlook on a lot of things might change and sometimes with the changes, the closest people to us will not like this change. In some cases (speaking from experience) I’ve wanted to speak up and tell those people to suck it, and even though I may have had my choice words with these people, all in all, they are speaking up because they care about you and they are worried about the changes they see in you. That’s all fine and great, but then there are the people who aren’t your best friends, and they’re not your family, but they often feel the need to tell you their opinion and tell you what they think of you, and quite frankly, those people are not needed to be worried about. You need to focus on you during these changes. Your people will worry about you and help you get back to you, or help you embrace the new you. Those bistanders that probably don’t even know your middle name, are not something that you need to worry yourself with. Worrying brings on stress and sometimes anxiety, and none of that is something that you need to worry about. Stop giving a fu*k about what other people think and start giving a fu*k about how you feel inside!

Stop Putting Other’s First & Build a Lifestyle That Y O U are Proud of!
Once again do not care about what people think about your lifestyle. You need to create a life that makes you happy and makes you WANT enjoy your days. You have to make sure that you are doing things for you. So many of us spend our time putting others before us. Friends and family are so important and quite frankly I could not live without either of them but they do not always come first before my own happiness and my own well-being. You need to stop wondering if “so & so” will be okay with something, or if “so & so” will be happy with something you’re doing on your Instagram. Your actions and choices in life need to reflect you and your happiness. They need to reflect the things in life that keep you going and keep your mind satisfying.

Stop NEEDING to Be Happy All the Time:
First things first, not everyone is happy all the time about EVERYTHING. I try my best to be as happy and positive as I can be but people, I’m not perfect and I’m sorry to break it to you but you aren’t either. It’s okay to have a crappy negative day. Yes, try your best to be above the anger and negativity but it’s inevitable (like change) that those days happen. It’s not something we need to worry about all the time. Our happiness requires purpose and a meaning. WHY are you happy? There’s a purpose and reason to why we need to be happy, but don’t focus on only that everyday of your life.

Know Yourself, Understand Yourself & Be Yourself:
In the end, like I said above, life change will change you as a person and instead of worrying about what other people think or how they feel about the person you are, embrace the new you and the way you’re going to get through all of these new changes. Take charge of YOUR life and change the things about you that you don’t like. The only thing holding you back in your life from being the real you, or doing something amazing, is you. The most important people in your life will learn to understand you and if they don’t, you need to make them understand in a way that shows them how you are feeling. Stop worrying about everything that you’re not, and just be you and live your life that way. I promise once you stop worrying about being something you’re not and embrace who you truly are, you will feel better knowing you are YOU.

Say No Once & a While:
I have spent so much time saying yes to my friends and family when it came to doing things that I did not want to do. Something as simple as a group gathering that I really didn’t want to do, but did anyways because I didn’t want to deal with people harassing me for saying no. I have spent TOO much time saying yes to people when I did not want too. Saying no, now, has made me feel amazing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it, but quite honestly, saying no makes me happier. Sometimes I don’t want to do it. Sometimes saying no can benefit you and make you happy because, once again, life is not always about pleasing everyone else. Stop giving a fu*k about saying “yes” all the time, just say no when you feel it’s right!

Remember That The People Judging Your Life Choices & Who You Are, Might Not Be Happy With Themselves:
It’s not a reason for that person to put you down or judge you but it’s good to remember that sometimes the people who aren’t your closest people, might say a few choice things to you about your life because maybe they’re unhappy in theirs. I’ve been that girl before, I think we al have, but it’s an awful feeling to hear someone talk about how amazing their life is and how much they love who they’ve become, while you’re still stuck trying to figure yourself out. To be truthful, it doesn’t feel any better being the girl who puts the down just to boost yourself up. Speaking from experience, it’s not a good feeling. Try to sympathize with those people, and don’t take what they say so literal and emotional because 9 times out of 10, they’re saying these things just to get a reaction, and don’t give them that. Shrug it off and remember that you’re doing you. Not them. And yes I am aware how much of an innuendo that sounded like.


You guys, we cannot control the change that happens in our life. Good or bad, we just can’t. I’ve have truly taken the steps above to ensure that my days are a little bit easier to get through becauseI have spent way too much time giving a fu*k about what others think about my life and the choices I’ve made and I’ve spent way too much time worrying if “so & so” will be okay with the choices I’ve made. Change is inevitable and change will change us ad we have to make the most of it and let ourselves feel each emotion that we do. Through all the change in our lives (that we cannot control) doing what is good for us and not giving a fu*k can honestly improve our lifestyle.

It’s amazing to see what some small steps can do to your lifestyle and the outlook you have on life. Do you! Don’t worry about what other’s think. The important people of your life will accept you for you and love you  for the person you are or are becoming. We need to remember that we are strong women and men in this world and it takes one person and their negative comment to tare us apart and in order to not let those negative comments or judgments affect us, we need to give less fu*k’s and move on from those thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and as always, leave a comment, like the post and don’t be afraid to share!

Good bye queens! xo


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