hey its liv

I’m 27 years old and I think I’ve finally got a handle of my own life, but every day you learn something new!  You’ll often find me laughing at my own jokes, which is fine because I find them funny. I don’t lead a very interesting life but I do think I’m hilarious!


When I was 18 I went to college for photography and graduated with high marks and a great portfolio, but also with some interesting new sights about myself. I spent many of my college days dealing with panic/anxiety disorder and I found myself spending a lot of time in my dorm room, alone, with just my computer and social outlets like Youtube and Tumblr. I had such an interest in reading peoples lives on blogs and watching video’s about peoples lives and what they liked to do in their free time and even about the products they liked or disliked! I also loved knowing that there were other people out there who were writing blogs and filming videos on being a stressed out adolescent going through some tough shit. It was a relief to know that others out there were just like me!


That is why I started this blog! I started blogging because it has been a really rough couple of years and I needed an outlet to remind me of all the things in life that I loved. I know there are some people out there who like the same things that I like, or have an interest in photography like I do, or have the same life problems that I do. I love to talk and I love to share in conversation with people! I think it’s the coolest thing, to be able to have an outlet like social media, to share these interests with other people from around the world, and also make new friends at the same time!


If I can help 1 person along their way of stumbling upon my blog, then I have achieved exactly what I’ve wanted to with this blog. Wether you’re looking for a makeup recommendation, or you’re hoping someone has the same style as you. You’re not alone out there ladies an gents. There ARE people out there who like the same things as you. Who feel the same way that you do about certain topics.

So if you’ve ever found yourself wondering what it’s like to live your life one positive day at a time while learning what life is actually about, then this blog is perfect for you!

Let’s be friends!