Keeping Motivated (When Something Sh*tty Happens)

Hello readers, life of Liv here (or is it Gossip Girl?.....hah!) and today we're going to be talking about 5 ways to stay motivated in life...when something shitty happens to you...It's unfortunate but like we've discussed before, sh*t happens in life and a lot of the times they're really sh*tty things that happen. Take it… Continue reading Keeping Motivated (When Something Sh*tty Happens)


Favourite Stila Lipsticks to Wear All Year Round!

Hello you beautiful kings and queens out there! Today I'm coming at you with a quick little post about some of my favourite lipsticks that Stila is killing me with right now. There are days where I really do not want to be wearing anything on my face except a little mascara and a great… Continue reading Favourite Stila Lipsticks to Wear All Year Round!


My 3 Daily Skin Care Products (That I Can’t Live Without)

Hello hello all! Today we are talking about something that (in my opinion) I believe everyone needs to educate them self on, and that is YOUR SKIN! Being the largest organ on our body (crazy right?) your skin soaks up and breathes in everything you put on it or are around. Good and bad toxins, it's all going in!
All throughout


My Photography Tips for Instagram!

I think one of my biggest and most proud accomplishment's I've made in my life, hands down has to be graduating from College. For those of you who don't know, I took a 2 year diploma course in the Creative Photography field. Not only did I spend the most amount of money that I've ever… Continue reading My Photography Tips for Instagram!

Fashion & Style

My Favourite Affordable Places to Shop!

Hi queens! It's Liv! If you follow me on Instagram than you would know that I absolutely LOVE a good outfit with some great accessories. You'd also know that I primarily only shop at generic affordable places. I love to shop and I love fashion trends, but what I don’t love is breaking my bank… Continue reading My Favourite Affordable Places to Shop!