Beauty habits you want to break!

Hey girl hey! It’s been a while, I know, don’t come for me because I’m BACK with some beauty habit’s that we all need to break!! These are such big changes that seem so small but that we all do and don’t ever think twice about it! These are tips I’ve learned along my way of life and focusing on beauty. I’m by no means an expert but these few tips are things I swear by and try so hard to keep out of my daily beauty routine so I hope they help you all!

We got this!

Pulling on your eyes when you apply eye liner:
Just stop. It’s SO bad for your poor eyes. We want to contain our skins elasticity and smoothness for as long as we can before gravity takes controls with our age. By tugging and pulling on our eyes, it creates wrinkles and age spots. It might help achieve the perfect cat eye or wing but it’s also not helping with your skin.

Going to sleep with your makeup ON:
It’s annoying, I know. Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day, getting comfortable and sitting down and realizing “shit…I have to get up and take off my makeup…” and then not getting out of bed and just falling asleep with whatever’s on your face. You might not think it’s hurting your skin but you’re wrong. You sweat in your sleep and all that crap on your face (makeup and daily dirt) builds up in your pores and creates pimples and acne.

Using shampoo as face wash:
Shampoo is used to clean your hair an even though it’s meant to CLEAN, it is not meant to wash your delicate skin with on your face. I totally get why you would think that it could be used for both, and I’ve definitely been guilty of using this as a “life hack” when you’re out of face wash and I always think to myself “well, it cleans my hair so why wouldn’t it clean my face?”… the problem is that is just it… it cleans your hair. The hair on your head is strong and coarse and it takes a shampoo made up of certain ingredients that tend to those rough and coarse hairs, to clean it. Your shampoo can strip the natural oils in your face, leaving it damaged, or dryer than it already is for some.

NOT cleaning your makeup brushes…ever!
There are many reasons why you SHOULD and NEED to wash your makeup brushes/blending sponges. First of all, I cannot use the same eye shadow brush with multiple colours without cleaning it. Nothing is more annoying when I go to put a soft blush pink colour on my lid and instead a smudge of brown swipes across because I used it previously. It helps keep your brushes useful for multiple uses in a day. I even bought that epic bush cleaner that spins your brush around in water and then dries it by spinning it a high speed! And, also, you know the added bonus of it being really gross and unhygienic  and BAD FOR YOUR SKIN!.. it just adds bacteria to your skin which will build up on your pores which will cause acne and skin irritation which isn’t good for anyones skin!

Baking your underage when you have dry skin:
IF you don’t know what baking in the world of makeup is, it’s as simple as this. You blend out your concealer and with a beauty blender/sponge you pack on (under your eyes) a loose translucent or (Depending on your skin tone) a banana tone powder, to set in the concealer…I love the idea of baking and sometimes, depending on the season, I can bake and get away with it being successful and looking flawless, however, with that being said, if you suffer from fry skin, especially under your eyes, baking is probably not going to work. I’m not going to sit here and tell you NOT to do it, however it could cause crumbling or creasing due to the dryness.

BRUSHING your hair after you shower:
This certainly sounds whack and it’s obviously a force of habit to run a brush through your hair after you hop out of the shower but it’s probably one of the worst things you can do. The bristles on a hair brush are hard and tightly put together that they actually stretch and snap your wet hair which causes breakage. The best thing you can do to avoid breakage is to comb your hair after you wash it with a wide toothed comb that will gently run through your wet hair and detangle it as opposed to stretch out the wet strands. ALSO always comb/brush your hair starting from the ends and approaching the root. Why? if you do have knots or tangles, starting from the bottom (ha! Drake?)  you can gently get through them and not damage the top of your hair instead of starting from the root and dragging the brush through the knots and damaging the healthy hair too.

Leaving your makeup IN the bathroom to live full time: I get it. It makes sense. You leave your hair products in the bathroom and you leave your makeup in the bathroom?….wrong. It’s not the best idea for makeup storage because your bathroom becomes a legitimate steam box when you’re in the shower, even with a ceiling fan. That’s moisture from the steam can leak into your makeup palettes and powders and it can create condensation in the actual palettes which can ruin the product. Money wasted. Keep your makeup in a different room or in a drawer in a dresser or night table and dedicate that space to all things makeup!


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