Makeup Review: L’Oreal “Infallible” collection.

IMG_4754YOU GUYS! I’m back today with another makeup review!! Today we’re talking about the L’Oréal Paris “Infallible Pro-Matte” foundation, setting spray and the “matte-lock” primer.  I have heard SO many mixed reviews on this new foundation and “line” that L’Oréal has released. IT was released back in the summer but I only started using it about a month or so ago, and I wanted to give this a fair shot before I jumped on and made an entire blog post about the products. Not only is this affordable but you can pretty much find it anywhere that sells makeup…You can find the Infallible brand of L’Oréal at your local Walmart, Target(U.S), Shoppers Drug Mart or any kind of “drug store” shelf.  I have used an entire bottle in that time and re-purchased a new one….but without giving the entire review away, read more to see my honest review on the “Infallible” line by L’Oréal Paris.

IMG_4753Okay you guys, lets get right in, starting with the “Infallible matte-lock” mattifying primer. Right of the bat when I applied it to my face, I noticed it was more thin and runny than I thought it would be. I’m very used to using thick tacky primers that really soak into the skin and don’t sit on top and mix with foundations, so I won’t lie I was very “-_-” about that… I don’t even know how to explain that face I just typed…but you know the -_- “meh” face… LOL… A N Y W A Y S … I pressed it into my skin and let it soak in and after about a minute I noticed my skin starting to actually smooth and matte out. It was mattifying my skin pretty well right away, which was not what I was expecting it to do. I added a little more to my problem area’s like my nose and chin, for more intense blurring and it just added to the mattifying technique. It was working!


I’m not going to lie, I held this foundation to a HIGH standard because not only is it L’Oreal but it was also $18 so…In my head I was thinking “this better be worth the almost $20 or I’mma be pissed!” especially since you don’t get much for $20… You get 30ml/1.0fl.oz which to me doesn’t seem like a lot for a druge store brand with that kind of price… I watched a bunch of tutorials online and so many people loved it but so many people also applied it so differently so I knew I was in for a struggle of knowing which way I should start… So I did my regular routine and applied my foundation after the primer. I used a damp beauty blender sponge like I always do and I started by smudging the foundation around my face and bouncing it into my skin the sponge. I noticed right away how mattifying it was which made me worried that it might get a little cakey. Once I was done I added my shape tape concealer with some setting powder and took a deep look at the foundation and how it worked into the usual spots that I have the worst luck with, with other foundations like in the corners of my nose, my t-zone and my chin. I did notice a teeny bit of build up around my nose but I didn’t let that discourage me because quite honestly, almost EVERY foundation I’ve used does that there. My biggest judgment was coming from my t-zone and chin. I’ve used foundations like Kat Von-D, Too Faced and Tarte and nothing seems to NOT flake off or separate in those high oil area’s….UNTIL THIS SH*T! It looked flawless and matte and it ONLY started to flake away after 8+hours of wearing it. I was super impressed by this foundation and I have repurchased it 3 times already! Definitely approved!


I finished the entire look off with the matching setting spray from the entire “pro” collection and there really isn’t much to say about the setting spray. It cost $15.00 and you get 100ml in it which again, for the size of it, the price could have been a little less being a drug store brand product BUT I understand that L’Oreal was trying this whole “up scale” thing for a drug store brand. The actual mister was nice, nothing fancy about it. It distributed the product nicely and evenly. I probably would not switch this out in my collection to replace my Urban Decay “all nighter” but it is a nice alternative for a back up if I run out, or a more affordable option.


I honestly do enjoy these new products and I would buy them all again! I liked the way the primer smoothed out the area’s that I normally would add 2 primers too and i  liked how the foundation set into my skin and didn’t stick on top and slide around when I added my cover up, highlight and blush. The setting spray, again like I said, I wouldn’t switch it out in replace of my UD one BUT that being said, for people who can’t afford a $40 setting spray, or who don’t want to spend it, this is a great alternative and I would really recommend the entire line to beauty girls who want to dive into the world of L’Oreal!

I hope you enjoyed this review, and leave a comment and share the tips around!



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