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My Favourite Fall Outfits!

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the YEAR!…..okay…..It’s not Christmas BUT it’s a close second! That’s right, it’s officially fall and I know this blog post is late but better late than never, right? I used to struggle with outfits outside of my high school uniform for fear of being told I looked weird or dressed funny and it wasn’t cool to be “different” when I was in high-school. It also wasn’t cool to wear tight jeans or skirts that showed your “belly line” because girls who didn’t fit the typical tight jeans wearing stigma, shouldn’t be following the same society driven “dress code”. my only saving grace was that I went to a strict Catholic high school that we had uniforms for, which was a hidden saving grace for bitchy girls in cliques that judges you for wearing “last seasons” style….

College changed a lot of that for me. I stopped caring what other people thought. I stopped listening to “those people” saying why certain body shapes and sizes could “pull off”. If you can get it over your head, shoulders or butt then you can pull it off. But before college and even for a little time after, Fall seemed to the the only season I was able to hide my body insecurities with a cute over sized knit sweater or chunky tunic dresses. I loved and lived for the layered season to help me gain my self confidence and self worth and now I wanna share my favourite fall pieces, wether I can pull them off or not. I’ve compiled my favourite types of outfits and staple pieces that I NEED to have in my wardrobe during the fall season.

Camo in any way, shape or form: Not only as a disguise (ha ha) but the print itself is my favourite way to dress something down without fully looking like I belong at an army base camo. I typically use my pieces of camp with blank outfits and by that I mean something as simple as blue or black jeans/tights with a black or white top or jacket depending on what piece of camo I wear that day. I love a good print and for people who don’t want to wear something excessive or “out there” but still want to make their outfit pop, I suggest trying to find a camo jacket or even some sort of camo printed blouse to pair over a white shirt or black t-shirt dress!

Anything oversized or turtle neck: I don’t know about you, but I love a good cable knit or “granny” knit sweater and often times a good turtle neck sweater. I hate the heat and I often over heat if I’m wearing sweaters and coats. I have a lot of extra padding on my body so, you know, less is less. Once fall hits and that summer air turns into that crisp fresh cool of fall, this massive “SWEATER WEATHER” alarm goes off in my head and I’m officially living in anything oversized or cozy. I think my favourite outfit for the fall is your typical tight pant/leggings with an over the knee boot and a chunky sweater. It’s stylish on ANY body type and makes for a stylish and cozy outfit that you can carry from the fall to the winter.

Poncho’s & Blanket Scarfs: I used to LOVE wearing ponchos when I was like 8or 9 years old and all of my elementary friends made fun of me for dressing like a grandma. Looks whose making fun now! Ponchos and big loose blanket scarfs are not only warm but stylish! I typically pair one with tight pants and high boots but you can pair them with any shoe, flat or heel and the look will still be great. They’re so versatile!

Black! Anything and everything Black!

I love black. Black is my soul colour ( which I don’t mean in a bad way ) but black literally goes with EVERYTHING. It’s a 4 season look and you can use it ALL THE TIME. I buy my favourite shirts in bulk if they come in black. Literally. I have the same shirt, 4 times over in black. Jackets? Black! Why?they match every toque and scarf combo you can think of. Boots? Black! Wear them with jeans, tights, a shirt skirt, Ugg’s with sweats. Whatever. You need 5 basic black statement pieces in your wardrobe as follows… black tank top, black t-shirt/long sleeved shirt, black tights/jeans, black coats, black boots/booties. You’re pretty much set to coordinate around anything black even if you don’t want to keep it neutral, as a splash of colour with a scarf, handbag or sweater!

Prints & Sometimes skirts
Patterns are so overrated! I feel obligated to always keep something pattern related in my wardrobe to jazz up my daily lewwwk. Take a plaid or houndstooth skirt, pair it with a black or white basic tee, adorable booties or knee high boots and you have something classic and classy to wear in the office or on a girls night out! I know people who are afraid to wear prints. Even as basic as stripes but I think it’s based on not knowing how to style them, that people fear the printed pant! Always remember you can pair ANYTHING printed/pattern with a solid neutral OR colour! Don’t be afraid! Let your fashion personality shine!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little fashion advice for fall! I know it can be a struggle to fit in to a certain fashion cycle, especially in school but we all need to understand that our unique personalities CAN shine through our wardrobe and it doesn’t need to look good to others. As long as you feel great!

Outfit deets below

Photo #1: Camo jacket from Forever 21 Plus
Photo #2: Camo bomber cardigan from Addition Elle
Photo #3: Oversized grey cowl neck sweat from Loft
Photo #4: Oversized granny knit turtle neck sweater from H&M
Photo #5&6: Poncho scarf from Le Chateau
Photo #7: Black trench coat jacket from Fashion Nova Curve & Pink/white ombre scarf from Indigo Chapters
Photo #8: Mustard yellow cardigan from Old Navy & Houndstooth plaid skirt from Giant Tiger.



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