Makeup Review: Urban Decay “Born to Run” Eyeshadow Palett

LIV_5876 copyHello guys! Back at it again with another makeup review for you! It has been a hot minute since I sat down and shot for a makeup tutorial, but this palette definitely deserved it! I have heard so many great things about the newest palette from Urban Decay called the “Born to Run” palette. I was immediately intrigued when I saw the reviews and how beautiful the colours were. So…Naturally, I watched a bunch of reviews, waited a month or so to make sure I didn’t hop on a hot trend that wasn’t too hot for quality, and I bought it. Now I have owned 4 Urban Decay palettes in the last 6 years, and I am a HUGE Urban Decay fan when it comes to their palettes and their setting spray. I will swear up and down to that thing, over and over again. It legit will keep your makeup in place for hours. I’ve tested it. It’s LifeofLiiv approved. When it comes to eye shadow, I tend to gravitate towards a lot of neutrals and cool toned browns because I have blue eye so brown and cremes really make my eyes POP! I watched the video’s and gravitated RIGHT to the oranges and pinks in this palette. I could not get over the shades. LIV_5877 copyThis palette is made up of 9 creamy matte shades and 12 shimmer shades. It retails at Sephora for $59CA and you get .2oz of products per square pan. It’s a great size to bring traveling and it has everything in ONE palette. It has different transition and base shades, and some amazing shimmer shadows to jack up your look. The entire packaging itself is adorable, and has this great adventurous vibe to it. IMG_4600 copyHence the born to run idea. It depicts photos of different places in the world and the shadow colours and temperatures follow through! I think UD did an amazing job on the packaging and the cartons that everything came in. I love the entire idea! The colours are just dreamy! I swatched them all out on my arm and they were all for the most part,  very creamy with the exception of the colour “Baja” but that explanation is to come.

LIV_5899I’m going to show you how I got this pop of colour blend using thew Born to Run palette!

I started out with using the colour “Blaze” as an all over shade.

Blaze copyLIV_5883 copy

Its a creamy beige colour that works as a base shade and you could use it as a crease colour for a transition shade depending on your skin tone! It blended out very nicely and went on smoothly but the pan was a MESS by the time I was done with using the colour, but the application itself was great! I used a flat shadow brush.


still shot




Next I went in with the colour “Still shot” as my transition shade in my crease and used that to blend with a fluffy brush with a windshield wiper way all over the crease. I wanted to use this sort of coral orange in the crease because I wanted to keep a warm tone to play into the pink later on. I didn’t want to get too crazy with a purple or a blue because the electric pink I use later on, REALLY stands out so I wanted to keep things on the more subtle size of a crazy look.



The next shade I dipped into was “Baja” and it is a beautiful burnt orange matte shade that I swiped all over my crease with that same fluffy brush that I used for the transition shade. I loved how well this colour blended out, it was almost effortless, but…with that being said, the fallout was RIDICULOUS! I swiped the brush in the pan maybe twice and the dust that fell out was just obnoxious…I felt like there was more on the palette edges than my brush.

LIV_5887 copy


Despite the fallout on the palette and under my eye, the colour was smooth, pigmented and blended out beautifully.



Next comes the pink!hellrideAlthough the shade “Hell Ride” was GORGEOUS and pigmented, it makes me so sad to say that this shade was patchy. Buttery but patchy, if that makes any sense at all. While it did go on pigmented, like I said, I had to blend it out more than the other shades, and I had to dip back into the pan a couple times which is NOT the end of the world, especially for a magenta/purple. It’s HARD to make not patchy, seamless purple or magenta pigments. This shade was still gorg!

wildheartWildheart was the final touches to this look. I added the magenta shimmer shadow to my eyes first without any spray to see how it would hold up. The colour was again pigmented and super shimmery, but the fallout pretty much ruined my concealer. I should have known better to do my face makeup after the palette review. It was crazy how much fallout was on the palette and under my eyes. What is going ON Urban Decay! I’ve never had this type of trouble when it comes to fallout and your palettes. None the less, the colour pigment itself was beautiful.
LIV_5890 copy

I went in with a flat brush with some Urban Decay “all nighter” setting spray on it and tapped it on and it stuck like glue. You can also use some glitter glue on your finger or your brush to really make that shadow stick.


LIV_5895 copy


I ended everything off with a little  highlight below the brow by using “Breakaway” and it did it’s thing! it’s very pigmented and subtle shimmery thing! I wanted to keep the eyes popping out with a bang and doe a subtle nude shadow with just some mascara and a nude lipstick. I feel like with a look like this, with the pinks and orange, it can get to be too much, too quick just by adding eye liner. So I kept it neutral with just mascara and a nude lip!

LIV_5897 copy

My overall thought on this palette is not an awful one. I truly do love the look of it all. The colours, the packaging, the smoothness of the colours, even the price for what you’re getting. The only downside to this palette is the fallout on most of the shades I used, especially the magenta toned colours. Does that mean I won’t be using this? Hell no. I’m sure I’ll use this for the rest of the week. Do I approve this palette for purchase by any Urban Decay lovers, for sure! It’s a beautiful day to night palette. I’d actually like to say that it’s my favourite “day-to-night” palette to travel with or have in your roster of palettes. I just think you need to do your foundation and concealer, after you apply your shadows of choice, lol. Urban Decay, as usual, you’re killing it with the shadow games. KEEP IT UP!

As always my lovely readers, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I hope you read more again soon!


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  1. I love the colors of this palette! The trouble I’ve had with UD palettes before is fallout, too. But also, they end up not looking pigmented on me! 😭 The shades on this are so good though I’d be tempted to buy it anyways.

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