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My Go-To Summer Must Have’s

Hi lovelieeeeees! It’s Liv back with another post about my favourite things! I know it’s August and I’m a little late on the “Summer fashion” scale BUT better late than never right?… IMG_4402 copyI have so many people constantly complimenting my outfits and asking me how I have so much style and how I put outfits together, or how I “pull that off”. First off…Do you want to know how to pull off an outfit?… It’s super easy… You just out it on, check yourself out in the mirror, and walk on with your day! I get so irritated when stylists and fashion icons say that certain body types can’t or shouldn’t wear certain items of clothing. Quite frankly, if it fits on your body, and you feel great in it, wear it. To me fashion and style is an expression of you, and it can be a way to express who you are through so many types of style choices. Fashion is an outlet and a way to be creative and try new things. I’ve always looked to fashion as a way to get creative and expressive. I decided to put together my 3 Summer MUST HAVE items in my wardrobe, even though we only have like 2 months left of this heat (thank goooooodness!) Just wait until my favourite fall pieces. I’m going to go nuts! Anyways! here are my favourite things to wear during summer!

I hope you enjoy these 3 must haves




Summer dresses

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate wearing pants, LOL! I love being able to wear dresses to work, or out on a date, or out to the mall because I hate how constricting pants make my thighs feel. Coming from a plus size girl whose thighs touch and create some thunder from time to time, I don’t like it and I know what some of you are thinking…”But Liv.. what about chub rub?!” Welllllll that’s what spandex shorts and deodorant are for. I love coming home from work after a long day, taking off my bra and then chucking my pants across the room. I find that dresses are not only stylish, but they are also so nice to be able to dress up a knee length or floor length dress with a kitten heel or sandal wedge and some glam makeup, but at the same time you could also dress it down with a pair of sneakers or converse and throw your hair up in a bun or grab some Birkenstocks and call it a day! You can do so much with a dress for any occasion. Depending on the day, I prefer a cute t-shirt dress at knee length, again depending on the day and heat…Especially if you’ve been living in South-Western Ontario lately.




I used to hate any piece of clothing that was made in a linen material. When you’re a big girl, you tend to keep away from fabrics that show your lumps and rolls. I know that sounds stupid but it is definitely a true feeling of insecurity. I got over that hatred very quickly when I found out that linen was the BEST THING you could have on a hot Summer day. Linen is so breathable and easy to pair with so many items of clothing. Not only is it a light fabric that the breeze and wind will flow through, but it can also make for a cute dress up or dress down look. My favourite thing to do is pair a light coloured or white linen top with a pair of jeans and heels! It’s the perfect date night outfit and you could even pair it with a pair of converse and be out for the farmers market!





You know, it’s funny, in the summer people are always like “I hate carrying purses around, it’s too hot to have that on my body” but ME I’m like “FIND ME ALL THE CUTE PURSES!!!!” I  love a good handbag, even if it’s not colourful they still make a cute statement to your outfit! I pair so many outfits around my purse that day, simply because I have enough purses to do so. I have a lot of stuff that I carry on me at all times. Makeup, sunglasses, eye drops, my puffer (hi I have asthma) and just over all enough stuff to need a decent sized purse for. I rarely carry around a clutch, unless I’m going to an event where I don’t need to have an actual bag. I like have a purse with pockets and different compartments to keep things in. No to mention, I am ALWAYS drinking water and it isn’t surprising to have a water bottle in my purse at all times. The cutest thing about bags in the summer is you can add a huge pop of colour to a neutral outfit, or pair your favourite black purse with a completely white outfit. They don’t have to be name brand by any means either. My favourite name brand is Kate Spade though. Their quality has never let me down but for an everyday purse that you can throw into your car or on your shoulder, I’ve had the best luck at Winners and Spring!

Thank you for reading you guys, I love seeing the likes and love so as usual, share the positivity and send me the feedback!



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