Product’s I’ll Never Buy Again!

Okay friends, we’re really doing it! Let’s talk about those pesky products that just did not work for me. I must start off with a tiny disclaimer though. These are products that I will never buy again because they didn’t work for me. I’m not going to sit here and bash the brand or the product because these brands are actually brands that I love, and sometimes those huge brands just don’t hit it at 100% every time. Let’s be honest though, nothing sucks more than hearing amazing things and reviews about a product that has been so hyped up, and then you go out and rush around to make sure you get your hands on that product, to then test the product and find out that it was actually awful…Nothing actually sucks more, when you’re as obsessed with makeup products like I am.

Like I said above, these products did not work for me but that does not mean that they won’t work for someone else, however, with that being said, I must say, buyers be warned!

Urban Decay “All Nighter” Concealer Stick:

This one really hurts my heart because I own and love so many Urban Decay products and I have always supported their brand. I was trying to find an alternate to the Shape Tape that I didn’t have to continuously buy online and pay shipping and exchange for. I had watched so many makeup reviews on this specific concealer and everyone had seemed to really love it so I thought “wow! perfect!”. I was wrong…. I bought it and Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.37.21 PMbrought it home and did my entire makeup look with it. I had just finished my foundation and let it dry and was ready to apply the concealer. I had my damp beauty blender in hand and I was ready to blend…buuuut blend what? It went on so thick, to the point that blending it out, didn’t…work… It was thick to the point where it literally left the shape of the concealer swipe ON my face. I eventually was able to blend it out and add my bake. Then it literally crumbled off of my face. I got so fed up that I wiped off my makeup, washed my face and re-did my makeup and tried it again. I thought maybe it was the foundation I used so I tried another brand with this concealer and it just flopped. I’ve tried so hard to use this with so many different ways of doing my makeup and it just sucks and it makes me so sad because I truly do love Urban Decay. I personally just don’t think this formula was done well and it just did not work out for me.


Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.50.14 PM

Ah man, this hurts just as much as the Urban Decay debacle. Why?…Because Revlon has been such an amazing drug store brand for makeup. They have amazing products for people who are just starting out and for expert artists that want a little more luxury for a drug store brand but I don’t know WHAT happened with this concealer.I typically use liquid concealers but I’ve loved cremes before but this?…man…It creased so bad, instantly, and when I added my bake, it just chunked up under my eyes and on my forehead… I truly don’t know what went wrong but this is just not my cup of tea for a creme concealer.


I actually loved this product when I first tried it. I thought the small spooley was great for brushing out my brows because my brows aren’t overly thick or large so the large normal spooley’s are truly too long, but this guy was perfect! I also have been loving brow pencils and pomades lately because they make blending out for a natural look, so easy to do and if you mess up, it’s easier to brush out than powder. With that being said…this pencil was great … at first.Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.42.44 PMIt applied beautifully and glided one and made blending effortless. As the day went on, I did some check ins and noticed that the formula got really chunky and it was impossible to fix because when I went to fixe the chunky piece and attempt to flick it off it literally removed an entire patch, leaving me with a chunk of eyebrow GONE! Once again I tried this product many times in many ways. With powder, without powder, with a gel after to keep it locked in, without the gel and on its own without foundation. It just didn’t work and I’m just done! I do not in any like this product.


This palette looked so promising and I had such high hopes for this but it just flopped instantly. There isn’t even much to say about this because it is pretty straight forward. The shadows were chalky, and pigmentless… It was almost like there was a weird film on top of the shadow, so when I went to pick it off, it was just dust. Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.41.56 PMThere was absolutely not pigment. I tried to mix some fix plus/setting spray with it to see if that would make it pop, and it just did nothing. I was really shocked considering the other luck I have had with e.l.f cosmetics. Unfortunately though, it was a flop and I’ll be donating this after I sanitize it.


I have been looking all over the place for an amazing foundation that does not flake off, or chunk in my dry areas and the girl at Sephora SWORE up and down that this foundation would not disappoint and that this worked on every skin type, dry, oily and combo. That should have been my first clue that she was lying to me because it is SO difficult to find a full coverage foundation that works for ALL skin types that also won’t break down and flake off of your skin. Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.41.20 PMSo, with that being said, you could assume that I was really excited to finally find something that would work and be worth the money. Well… that was REALLY short lived. I wore it for 9 hours at work and by hour #4 it was breaking off my forehead, and my chin. It was crazy and I was not impressed. It makes me so mad that I have this $50.00 foundation in my drawer that I don’t ever want to use again. Now again, this is just an opinion on MY skin and I really hope that this is working for other people out there. I mean it obviously is considering it sells like crazy, but I just could not get over how badly it flaked off of my face. I thought maybe I was adding to much and built it up too harshly at first so I tried a thin layer (with a primer of course) and I even tried without a primer to see if maybe it was that, but it definitely did not make a difference. It’s unfortunate but I will never be reaching for this product again.

Pixi by Petra Flawless & Poreless Primer:

Ahhhhh Pixi.. I actually love a lot of their products. Not all but a lot. I purchased the Pixi by Petra & Chloe Morello colab palette and LOVE it, like could not do without it, love. I started to research and watch more reviews on a lot of their products and I came across a review for their Flawless & Poreless primer and it was hyped up nicely so I couldn’t help myself. I’m clearly a sucker for hype. Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.40.29 PMI went out and purchased it and started to use it immediately the next day, and it just did nothing… I could have probably saved the $20 and used nothing at all.. It was sticky while it applied but it kind of just made my foundation move around and didn’t make anything poreless. It made everything pore defining…It accentuated any little pore spot I had on my skin with a foundation that I typically like when I apply it. I was sad but there was just something in this formula hat did not work.

Well there you have it folks. These are the products I will never ever buy again. They just didn’t do it for me. It makes me sad (especially because they were not all cheap and inexpensive) but I really hope that I can advise at least one person from going out and maybe wasting their money. If these products work for you then that is amazing! I’m definitely jealous of that, that’s for sure! Maybe I used them wrong? I truly don’t know!

I hope you enjoyed, and as always, keep smiling and keep that light bright!



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