Favourite Stila Lipsticks to Wear All Year Round!

Hello you beautiful kings and queens out there! Today I’m coming at you with a quick little post about some of my favourite lipsticks that Stila is killing me with right now. There are days where I really do not want to be wearing anything on my face except a little mascara and a great damn lip colour. All of my friends and my boyfriend make fun of me because I pretty much carry an entire lip stick drawer in my purse at all times because you really never know when you might need a good lipstick, gloss, or chap! Stila has an amazing formula that I’ve yet to find any problems with as far as application and wear, goes. They’re not patchy, and they dry down in 2 minutes which is pretty good as far as liquid lipsticks go these days. There is nothing I hate more than a liquid lipstick that drys down before I’ve even finished applying it. Their formula is smooth and soft and applies like butter.

Stila has been in the makeup game for a while now but every so often they bring out some amazing products with amazing formulas. I am very adventurous when it comes to lip colours. I have worn and own the darkest browns to the lightest pinks and I’ll wear them all year round. While I do believe that we can wear what ever colour we want any time of the year I also follow seasonal colours like wearing maroons, deep purples and browns in the Fall and bright light nudes in the summer. Sometimes those colours go amazing with a summer dress or romper, and it might not be the season for that colour. With that being said I conducted my top 3 favourite Stila lipstick colours that you can wear all year round with any type of seasonal outfit.




Patina is the perfect dusty rose nude that you can wear with realistically anything! dark colours, light colours, denim, and the amazing thing about a colour this soft and subtle is that you can also wear it ANYWHERE. The office, the mall, a party, a night club, you name it. It boosts your makeup game without having to do much. I love to wear this colour with either a dolled up glam look, or just something as simple as no makeup and just mascara.




I love this colour berry, berry much (get it) It is the only Raspberry shade that is not too pink and not too purple at the same time, which is hard to do. Naturally, berry colours are really hard to produce without having patchy areas that you need too retouch after the first coat drys down. I love wearing berry colours with denim especially.




I mean…there is not much to explain about a red lip. I truly believe that once you find the perfect shade and tint, a red lip on a woman empowers her and makes her feel like she could literally run the world. “Tesoro” by Stila is my favourite bright red to wear all year round. Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, you can’t go wrong! It’s got an orange undertone that I’m not mad at. I typically try so hard to stay away from anything orange because, your girl CANNOT pull that off, but this undertone I can work with!

I hope after reading this, the sceptics out there about seasonal lipstick shades  can understand that some shades deserve to be worn at any time of the year. I honestly have 2 versions of these lipsticks so I can keep the minis with me at all time and the full sizes away for better use. I love lipstick and I love Stila. I can’t wait to see what else they surprise me with in the makeup game!



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