My 3 Daily Skin Care Products (That I Can’t Live Without)

img_0920 copyHello hello all! Today we are talking about something that (in my opinion) I believe everyone needs to educate them self on, and that is YOUR SKIN! Being the largest organ on our body (crazy right?) your skin soaks up and breathes in everything you put on it or are around. Good and bad toxins, it’s all going in!

All throughout my adolescent years, in high school specifically, I was always told that I had great skin. My friends would ask me what I did to keep my skin pimple and blemish free and I wold tell them “wash it with soap” and they used to get so mad. I never understood why until I really hit puberty FULL ON in grade 10. I started to notice my girlfriends getting pimples and acne all over their faces and I always wondered why I didn’t have that? To be fair in high school I didn’t wear nearly as much makeup as I do now, besides your typical black racoon eye look with the Lip Smackers lip gloss that Avril Lavigne always wore. However, I also noticed that I never really “broke out” and got pimples unless I was on my period. My friends literally hated me for having great skin. My mother used to tell me that she had the same skin type growing up. That he only got pimples on her period, and that she literally used to only wash her face with a dove soap bar and go to bed. My poor sister suffered hard with acne and break outs. She always had a cluster of pimples at all times somewhere on her face and looking back, I remember her struggling so much to get rid of her acne because it made her so self conscious of her skin and face, and covering it up with makeup only made it worse.

I didn’t take skin care seriously at all up until last year…and I’m 26! That’s crazy for me to think about now! Especially considering how much I love wearing makeup. With wearing makeup comes grime and dirt build up on your face which can lead to build up in your pores and that can cause pimples… No one wants those! I used to the do the simple, makeup wipe and dove soap thing and then head to bed at night, but I quickly realized that was not working for me. Looking back now, I understand how lucky I was, and still am, to have had and still have soft, break out free skin. When I started doing my research and talking to my local Sephora girls and I found out that I’ve been doing it ALL wrong! While Dove soap is a great brand to use for your body, its by no means “effective” in keeping your face soft, and hydrated without a little help from other tips and routines.


These items are my bible products that I used on the daily to keep my skin clean, clear and under control. LOL, I’m kidding, I’m not a walking talking acne soap commercial. But seriously I live by these times and I want to share them to the world! I can honestly say that I these products have improved my skin a lot since I started using them 2 months ago. So keep reading and find out what I use!

NEUTROGENA® Make-Up Removing Cleansing Wipes Night Calming:

These wipes are a game changer! I won’t lie, and I know girls are going to read this and be like “…I hate you…” but before these wipes, I used to fall asleep with my makeup on, or use hand creme to wipe it off with a Kleenex. Which was effective but did not in any way get rid of the makeup I wore that day. I was actually introduced to these wipes by a Youtube video I found from the beauty guru named Glam Life Guru (Tati Westbrook). She swore by them so I decided to go out and get myself a pack. She was not wrong. Depending on the makeup day, I can get everything on my face, OFF with one wipe. It takes off water proof mascara and a solid liquid lip stick. For all of my makeup lovers out there, you know how bad some of the liquid lips stain our lips or how hard it is to even get them off, these wipes break everything down, and they are so gentle on your skin. Neutrogena has so many different variations of their wipes. They have ones specifically for dirt and oil, and some for just makeup removing. My favourite ones are the night calming ones because they smell SO good! The only thing with any type of makeup removing or face wipe, is they can sometimes leave a gross oily film after you use them. I like to use mine at night before bed but I try to follow the wipes up with some sort of cleanser or soft toner to take off the film from the wipe. I would highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend these to all my makeup lovers out there. I personally have sensitive skin and these have never broke me out or reacted on me. Now that is just speaking from experience of my skin. I would read the ingredients on everything before putting it on your skin because you never know!


Ahhhh First Aid Beauty…Where do I even begin? Lets start with the fact that they adhere to so many different types of skin types! Dry, oily, combo, patchy, you name it and they probably have a fix for you.



This moisturizer has changed my life! I’m not lying and I’m not sponsored by FAB, seriously. This moisturizer is oil free and made with coconut water. It absorbs into your skin and does NOT leave your skin feeling heavy or oily. I used this every night before bed so my skin can absorb everything, and I wake up and I swear to God, my skin feels like a baby’s butt! It’s so light and airy feeling too. I’m SO happy I found out about this product!

Thank you so much for reading lovelies! I hope you enjoyed my favourite skin care products that I use every night!

As always, share some love and keep on smiling!


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