E.V.O Kitchen

One of the things that I love the most about living in the “tri-city” area, are all of the unique little shops and eatery’s you can stumble upon! I’ve lived in Cambridge, ON pretty much my entire life, and growing up we had the usual eatery’s. You know? McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, you name it, we had 3 of them…It was the same crap…literally crap, over and over again. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me a good 6 pack of McNuggos (McNuggets) and fries, but do you know how thankful I am for companies and home made, home grown, started from the bottom now we’re here, restaurants? VERY thankful. You don’t ever expect to drive by something that was one day a factory and see it get turned into something so inviting and trendy!IMG_2060

While in my brief 10 months time of working downtown Galt, Cambridge, I stumbled upon a little restaurant by the name of “E.V.O Kitchen” which was located in the old “Galt Knitting Company” building. The Knitting company building  was a whopping 7200 square foot facility located at 31 Water Street South in Cambridge. It was full of character and history that showed off the little descriptive touches of downtown Galt. The first time I stepped into E.V.O I was so impressed with how they turned a run down factory building into this gorgeous, industrial eatery with such an inviting feel to everything.  E.V.O Kitchen originally launched back in 2010 where they offered only corporate catering services, which primarily focused on their “Gourmet Boxed Lunches”  They had so much success with so many businesses in and around the region of Kitchener & Waterloo embracing their idea of a lunch that was simple, customizable and healthy all at the same time, and to be quite honest, that was exactly what I loved so much about their place! Not only do you get such a modern and rustic vibe with the exposed piping on the ceiling and the wooden table tops with the metal and gold hardware details, but you also get such a great atmosphere which includes a VIP seat to downtown Galt, which is blooming with popularity as the years go on. Their Water St location The new location include a full sit down restaurant, patio, and a 2nd floor banquet hall that can seat up to 130 people. So weather you’re using it for a wedding, bridal shower, or any kind of party or event, the new space brings together a modern, hip vibe while preserving all of the original character of the building.IMG_2059

I think places like these small chain restaurants not only bring value and popularity to the surrounding area’d of the downtown region, but they also bring a sense of enjoyment and relief to me. I love knowing that I can get freshly made food that is delicious and healthy for you and tastes different every time you go there because it isn’t coming frozen from a box that they order 50 crates of a week… It’s real authentic food and it truly is amazing! Their menu consists of a delicious variety of Soups, salads, wraps and Sandwiches that are all “homemade” in the back by their amazing and talented cooks. I know that some people like variety in their menu’s when they visit restaurants, especially those who love their meals hearty and cheesy, and I’m a fan too, but their selection of ciabatta and panini bun sandwiches which sway your decision toward becoming a sandwich lover, if you aren’t one already!

IMG_2057Not only is it a place to eat and meet with friends and have a great time over great food, but it’s also a great place to get some work done. With their cozy crafted leather sofa chairs you can sit back with your favourite book and escape, or you can get some work done while you enjoy the atmosphere. I’ve been back so many times and I’m sure to keep returning and continue to bring new people with me because I believe everyone needs to know about E.V.O Kitchen! It’s easily become a spot to be at on a Friday or Saturday evening, or even a Sunday morning for brunch!


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