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2LIV_0896 copyBusiness/casual fashion has come such a long was since the 1990’s where everything women were expected to wear, consisted of a shoulder padded blazer, a pencil skirt and pantyhose. Don’t get me wrong, a pencil skirt and blazer still kicks ass in the office, but why should women only have 2 options to go towards? A pant suit, or a skirt suit?.. Come on people. There has been so much back lash about women who wear leggings/tights as actual pants, that it started an uproar in the fashion world, which also caused many people in society to start telling bigger girls that “they can’t wear leggings as pants because they’re plus size” which if you ask me, a females size should nothing to do with what the can and cannot wear…but…what if you owned a comfortable pair of leggings that were durable and thick enough to wear as pants during your everyday life style, including in the office?…would you do it? Enter SweetLegs!

SweetLegs is a proudly Canadian owned company that roots out west in Lake Country, British Columbia! 4 years ago a husband and wife duo cane up with the idea to start their own company and the two of them started “SweetLegs” and their success has sky rocketed! It has brought SweetLegs all over North America, as well as having 400 personal distributors all across Canada. They’ve created a massive online following with over 19k followers on their Instagram and Facebook pages which means they obviously have done something right!

I was introduced to SweetLegs by a co-worker of mine who swore by them! She used to come in with so many patterns and show off her style with these loudly patterned pants! I immediately questioned her wardrobe and that’s when she showed me what SweetLegs was! I fell madly in love with them right away! I hopped online and ordered myself a couple pairs and in hopes to hop on this awesome and trendy bandwagon and lucky for me, with a distributor right down the road from my office, I was able to pick them up that same day!

I wore the first pair to bed the first night just to see how comfortable these things really were, and they were absolutely comfortable and kept me warm through the typical minus degree temperatures of December! I found myself wearing them to bed every night the first week I got them. They quickly turned into my favourite “lounge around the house” bottoms!

When it came time to wash them, I was really hesitant only because they were just too good to be true that a leggings this durable but also in a thin fabric was going to hold up after washing them! However, I washed them on a low temp and followed the “care instructions” that were sent with them and when I pulled them out after all was said and done, they were still perfect and they upheld their soft fabric! I was impressed!

I started to pair things together like the outfit above, to wear to work or out to dinner or out to a bar! Pair their tights with a cute bootie or heel, and a blazer/cardigan and you have yourself an outfit! The quality is fantastic and I’ve washed every pair I own, about 10-15 times and they never lose shape or softness! It’s really nice to know there are durable leggings out there that are $25!

They carry their sizing in a unique range of kids, petite, one size, and plus size. Their “petite size” ranges from sizes 0-6, their “one size” ranges between sizes 6-14 on a scale of “straight sizes” in a store and their “plus size” ranges from a size 16-22 which is really nice to know coming from someone like myself who finds herself in between sizes, quite often. They’re made to form to your legs in the areas the fabric needs to be! I find because I am more thigh heavy than my waist that the material covers my thigh section comfortably and appropriately but still leaves the waist line high enough for comfort on my torso.

SweetLegs are an amazing and proudly Canadian brand that I’m so happy to share and to show off to you guys because not only do they adhere to so many shapes and sizes but they’re durable, comfortable and affordable and I don’t see what else we could want in a legging that you can lounge in AND dress up in! And for those of you who don’t wanna wear such bold patterns on your legs, don’t fret! They also carry an assortment of solid colours too! I think it’s important for women of any size to feel comfortable and beautiful because beauty, as we know, comes in all shapes and sizes. Why would that not be something to proudly celebrate ?!

Check out for their amazing patterns and styles and share with me if you order your own!!


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