e.l.f Cosmetics

Alllllllright you guys! Back at it again with the affordable makeup! If my readers out there have not heard of Eyes Lips & Face (e.l.f) cosmetics, then you are all seriously missing out on some great products! Today we are focusing on just the eyes! With so many products on the market in the world of makeup, it gets really tough to narrow down the best of the best and the worst of the worst…Which is exactly why so many of us turn to review blogs and Youtube channels, for a little guidance with products. With that being said, like my expectations of honesty, I am here to give you guys an honest review of the e.l.f cosmetics eye shadow palette’s!


Let me start by saying that lately, here in Ontario (Canada), e.l.f cosmetics has been popping up more and more in stores that I didn’t think to see them, like Old Navy! I get most if not ALL of my e.l.f cosmetic products at Old Navy. You can also find them at Wal-Mart. The prices don’t vary by much, maybe $1-$2 of a difference, but none the less, affordable at both places! I spent $11.90 on both palettes.


I started out by swatching the “Mad for Matte” palette, because, let’s face it…Sometimes, when we need a little base help with our shadows every once and a while, it’s best that we go for a basic matte look with a couple crease colours and nude base…We don’t necessarily want to show up to work on a Tuesday with an eye look meant for the prom.


I won’t lie… The swatching for the nude base shades did not look promising… You wouldn’t be able to tell from the image, but there are 10 swatches on my arm… Now that could possibly be because I am the lovely shade of porcelain, but the first two base shades were not promising. That being said, the last 8 were as pigmented as the photo shows, for $12! They applied smoothly (like butter truthfully) and were very easy to blend. ALL OF THEM…Which I was not expecting.


So I figured, if the mate palette was a hit, then my hopes are HIGH for the prism metallics!


Sadly… the lightest 2 shades were a let down on their own. I added some setting spray to them and was able to create a foiled effect with them on my eye, however, they in no way showed through on their own. The last 4 shades did blend out and foil well, so to say I was surprised, is an understatement after the first 2 shades. They were pigmented and also applied so well! They worked well for me, with the exception of the first 2 shades. Which I’m okay with…. they’re easily buildable for a brow bone highlight.

I think it’s amazing that drug store brands are stepping up their game. Every girl wants to be able to shop weekly at Sephora and buy the makeup they want, but it isn’t always easily affordable for everyone out there. I think the upgrades these brands are making, are making a huge impact in affordable makeup lifestyles!

These e.l.f products are Life of Liiv approved Keep it up makeup industry!


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