Wet N’ Wild

When someone says Wet N’ Wild I think right back to my youth in the 90’s when I would go to the dollar store or “Bi-Way (for any Canadian’s that grew up in the 90s) and pick out “play” makeup to use when I was playing dress up. Well… It isn’t the 90s anymore and Wet N’ Wild has truly stepped up their makeup game adding a huge range of different products, and changing their formula’s to bring us the quality of Sephora at the affordable price of the drugstore. It’s tested well with many guru’s in the cosmetic world especially because it’s Vegan and cruelty free. So? does the new re-branded, re-formulated Wet N Wild makeup brand live up to its amazing reviews? Read more below to hear my opinion on it. Now, they didn’t have all of the products that I wanted to test, in the colour I needed, like cover up and blush. That isn’t to say that I didn’t pick up some great finds for this bitch on a budget.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 7.44.17 PM

Let’s start with foundation. I’ve watched many videos and reviews on the Wet N’ Wild Photofocus Foundation and a very specific youtube video from Glamlife Guru (Tati Westbrook) stuck out. She reviewed this specific foundation and raved about the quality of this product for the amazing price of $7.00 CAD that you can find at your local Walgreens or Walmart. Damn! $7?!?!? Thats nuts! But I put it to the test to see just how nuts it was. I put it on at 7:45AM and worked through out my entire Monday of running around the office and glistening from my highlighter and a little bit of sweat. The bottle itself mimics a fancy high end bottle you’d find on a shelf at Sephora, and it’s paddle shaped applicator makes it so easy to smoothly apply to your face and blend in with your favourite beauty blender or brush. It did start to crumble at the end of my day with it on my skin, however that was 8+ hours after wearing it through a very sweaty day. I would more than happily grab for this foundation on the daily, to freshen up skin. I would call it a foundation that is “like your skin but better”. You can build it up for a mega full coverage look, or use 1 layer to keep your skin looking natural but smooth.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 7.44.39 PM

Once I applied the foundation, I went in with this Mattifying powder to softly set under my eyes and all over my face. I didn’t want to go for a “baked” look, so I purposely did not gravitate toward a loose powder, but this translucent matte finishing powder was flawless! How much? $5.99 CAD…$6! How do you turn down $6… Even if it didn’t work out the way you wanted it too, you can’t get mad for “wasting” $6.00.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 8.39.02 PM

I unfortunately skipped the blush department because they did not have a shade that would have gone well with my complexion, on the shelves. So I skipped right to highlighter. The Highlighting powder…Where do I begin… there’s no explanation needed… I was glowing from 7:45AM to 7:45PM…glistening from cheek to cheek. $5.99 CAD.
Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 7.45.08 PM

Could this mascara be the perfect waterproof edition to your morning routine? yes!….if it didn’t have the brush that I has… Besides the brush, I truly do love the formula and the way it did not go chunky after I applied 3 layers. But that brush…. makeup companies are killing me with their comb like brushes. I just can’t.
Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 7.45.34 PM

Last but not least, the eyes! I could not believe the pigment that this little palette showed! All of the colours in this grid smoothly glided on my lid like butter! I won’t lie, the glitter shades felt somewhat gritty and had a little fall out, but nothing that I couldn’t deal with! All in all, my opinion on this is that its the perfect size to shove in your makeup bag for your purse, to have on you in case you need to turn your day time look into a night time look, or something to keep at your makeup table for an every day natural eye. This eye shadow pan was also $5.99 CAD!


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