Subtle Gold Eye Tutorial

Happy Makeup Monday Ya’ll!!!
I decided to post a makeup tutorial with images. Now I am NOT by any means a makeup artist, but hell do I love makeup!

So below are the steps I took to make this subtle gold eye look!


LIV_0580 copy

Step #1: PRIME!

I have been loving the elf poreless face primer for under my foundation. It fills in all of my pore imperfections, and trust me, I’ve got a lot of them, especially on my nose.
LIV_0473 copy


Go in with your favourite foundation of course! For this look, I used the Kat Von D “Lock-It” foundation in colour Light 45 Warm, and I like to apply that with a beauty blender!
LIV_0475 copy

LIV_0478 copy

LIV_0477 copy

We are smooth, and pale. Yes I resemble a light snow white shade.
On to my coverup highlighting.

Step #3: COVER UP!

Serious now… I live by my Tarte Shape Tape. I hate that we can’t buy it in Canada but that’s fine, the border isn’t that far from me…
LIV_0482 copy

I like to add my coverup under my eyes, in the middle of my forehead, under my contour line, and on my chin! I look terrifying but it works!

LIV_0483 copy

Step #4: Contour and Brows!

Now, I know I am pasty pale, which is why this girl needs to contour and add a little sculpting to this round pale face! For that I use the Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye palette in the middle pan colour called “lazaus” for contouring, and I use the brown shade named “Saleos” to fill in my brows. I don’t do anything special for my brows except draw out my brow shape and fill it in. I don’t over draw and I try my hardest not to make them too dark even though my hair is as dark as it is! (yes that’s natural…now)
LIV_0484 copy
LIV_0485 copy copy
LIV_0495 copy
LIV_0496 copy
LIV_0486 copy


The entire look is wrapped around this eye look. I do love a big glam eye but sometimes subtle is the way to go… You know…like an early Tuesday morning look for the office 😉

LIV_0493 copy

I’m using the Marc Jacobs “Style Eye-Con” palette in the colours “212 Dreamer”
I used the first colour in the palette mixed with third heart all over the lid and brow bone. Then I took the second colour with heart over it in my crease to subtly smoke out my eyes. LIV_0494 copy copy
LIV_0501 copy
LIV_0503 copy

Using the gold shimmery colour, I placed that in the middle of my lid and buffed it out with the same brush that I used in my crease to blend out the harsh glitter line.LIV_0504 copy

Step #6: Eyeliner

Everyone breathe! hold your breath! don’t freaking move! It takes me about 10 solid minutes to apply my eyeliner…cat eye, wing, or a thin modest line…I am always screwing it up.. I’m using the Rimmel London Scandel-eyes eye liner!

LIV_0507 copy

LIV_0512 copy*This is the look of someone who SLAYED THEIR EYE LIER IN ONE GO!!!!!*

LIV_0514 copyStep #7: BLUSH&HIGHLIGHT!

As usual, I’m going in with my Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in the shade “Paaaaarty”

LIV_0521 copy

LIV_0523 copy

And then we’re going to highlight that cheeeeeek bone with some Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in the colour, “Hella”

LIV_0525 copy
LIV_0526 copy copy
LIV_0527 copy



My ride or die! Loreal Voluminous waterproof mascara is always in my sights! This mascara makes my lashes so huge and voluminous which is great because I do not like false eyelashes!

LIV_0518 copy

LIV_0519 copy

Step #9: LIPS!

For this look, I wanted something subtle to not take away from my eye look with the bold liner. I’m using my Tarte liquid matte lipstick in “Namaste”

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 12.06.58 AM

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 12.07.07 AM

And that’s how I created this look!

Thank you guys for visiting and feel free to leave a comment below on the look or products!


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 12.19.05 AM


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