Ride or Die Products

Alright friends and followers! Now I am by no means a “beauty guru” but I am what you would call, a “makeup junkie” who knows a little bit about what she’s putting on her face. These products are my tride and true, my ride or dies, the things I could not live without. I would never recommend something to EVERY ONE out there because we all know that not all products work for every one and their skin. So these are just a few that work for me.


LIV_0438 copy

The Tarte “Shape Tape” is sometime the only thing I use on my face. I use the shade “fair beige” because my skin resembles that of a stack of blank printer paper during the winter…and most of the spring season. I’ll probably have to update to a different shade for the summer but for now, during the winter season, it’s the perfect concealer. It has full coverage and it doesn’t leave my under eye area feeling greasy and heavy.
On the topic of Tarte, their “Amazonian clay 12-hour blush” in the colour “Paaarty” is at the top of my list for the perfect shade for my complexion. If you have a light complexion with an olive undertone, mixed with your favourite bronzer and highlighter, this blush shade can really make any look, whether its glam or natural, to be complete!

LIV_0442 copy

Let’s just keep this short and sweet… This is not THE beauty blender…but it is A beauty blender… it blends my concealer and my foundation which is what makes me beautiful, therefore it’s my version of a beauty blender. I won’t lie, I found this in a pack of 3 from Winners, LOL. However, I prefer a sponge over a stippling brush, ANY DAY. The “blender” sponge’s give me such smooth and flawless coverage. It’s got the usual pointed end which makes blending your concealer into the corner’s of your eyes so easy, and also with a tapered straight edge on the opposite end to help you carve out those cheek bones with your favourite loose setting powder.


LIV_0439 copy

Do you know how LONG it took me to find the perfect mascara?… let me tell you…it took a WHILE! I have been using the Loreal “Voluminous Carbon Black” waterproof mascara. It not only stays put where it is all day and into the night, but it doesn’t take a brillo pad and alcohol to remove! And when it says “Cabron Black” it means carbon BLACK! It will never leave my side.


LIV_0424 copy

Dear MAC… It’s a love hate relationship for most of their products, however, their matte lipstick in the shade “Velvet Teddy” is the PERFECT nude… and I don’t use the word “perfect” lightly. I wear this all the time, which is exactly why it looks as dull as it does in my photo. I dress it up with a glam, dark smokey eye, and I dress it down with a natural skin look and some light mascara for the days that I really don’t feel like doing much with my face.

LIV_0441 copy

Fenty… I don’t even think the Fenty Glow lipgloss needs an introduction. What’s to explain? It’s a gloss you can wear on it’s own, or paired with the “perfect” nude (up above perhaps?) I layer this on my bare lips or sometimes on top of Velvet Teddy, for the day’s that I’m feeling sassy… and lets face it… that is a LOT.

LIV_0437 copy

The final lip product is a MUST HAVE for my bed time routine. this lovely little lip gem is from Bath & Body Works. It’s a thick lip serum that you can wear throughout your day to nourish your lips, or you can wear it to bed and let it do it’s over night magic. My lips feel so soft and smooth in the morning’s, they’re ready for whatever lip look I create that day.

And there you have it folks. These are my ride or die favourites that I currently cannot live without.

All photo’s were taken by Olivia Trivelli of Liiv&Learn;


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