So, this is me!

Well… I’m not sure if I need to say “hi I’m Liv” or if I’m supposed to have you all guess… Mind you, I’ve never done anything “by the books” in my life, so, HI GUYS! My name is Liv, and if you’re reading this then you’re about to learn a little more about me.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada into a huge and loud Italian family, so you can assume off the bat that I’m loud, energetic and outgoing… If you assumed that than you are correct. I grew up in a very close knit family who taught me that family is everything… They taught to me to be strong and not let people tare me down..I was taught to stand my ground and make people hear me and if they didn’t hear me then I had to make sure they did. All jokes aside, yes I am loud, but in all reality, I was brought up to remember that no one told me what to do or how to feel except for me…and possibly my parents.

I’m often told that I’m strong headed, which is just a nice way of saying I’m stubborn… and truth be told, I can’t exactly disagree with that statement. I like to argue and I like confrontation… I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone admit to that LOL…I’m not necessarily a bitch, I just have never had an issue confronting someone when they’ve needed it, and if I did have a problem expressing that, then there’s a big reason to it. I love home decor and pretty much spend most of my free time in the home section of Walmart, at Homesense, or Pier 1… I ‘m a sucker for buying home decor…for a home I do not own yet… but my room looks GREAT. Life & Home Magazine should really give me a shout.

I invest too much of my life and emotions into shows that I binge watch on Netflix, like Grey’s Anatomy… My life revolve’s around Meredith Grey and her daily struggles. And although people think that those everyday struggles are way too insane to happen in reality, her quotes on life have hit me in each and every way of my own life…did you know know that most, if not all, of the medical cases in Grey’s Anatomy have actually been medically researched and are actual cases. See. I’m obsessed.

I’m always smiling, even on my worst of days, and you’ll often find me laughing at my own jokes, or rolling my eyes at whatever my own thought’s have said to themselves…I’m starting this blog in a time of vulnerability, but also at a time of stability and happiness…I’m 26 years old, I live at home with my parents (temporarily) and I don’t know what I’m doing in life, but I also think that’s okay! I’ve had some bumps along the way, especially in the last 2 years, but I’m learning to live through the shit that life deals you… you know…making lemonade with ALL of those life lemons…But that’s what life is supposed to do. I believe everything happens for a reason, and that life throws things your way that you can handle. I have spent the last 8 years of my life wondering about my future and wondering why thing’s haven’t been working out the way I wanted them too, but this is the year I stop all of that and figure my life out the way my life will work. I don’t want to worry about what everyone else thinks… this is my life and no one else’s.

I’m not sure what I want in my blog “life”…I get so much enjoyment out of hearing advice from Youtuber’s and bloggers from all over the world, on all sorts of aspects of life. Love, happiness, travel, makeup, you name it. I started this blog to do the same. This is my life, these are the things i love, or hate, and this is me talking about them. I’m not looking for exposure, or sponsorship… I just want people to know that they aren’t alone in the world. Just like I know that I’m not.

PC: Cloud Nine Photography

“We spend our whole lives…worrying about the future, planning the future, trying to predict the future. As if figuring it out will somehow cushion the blow, but the future is always changing. The future is the whole of our deepest fears and our wildest hopes, but one thing is certain: When it finally reveals itself, the future is never the way we imagined it.”

– Meredith Grey, “Here’s to the Future Days” (5.22)


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